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Streamline your Sales Activities & Lead Management with this innovative yet easy-to-use CRM tool. Whole new UI & a bunch of exciting Integrations to choose from...

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The WakeUpSales CRM has featured on some of the popular platforms. We feel privileged.

What Wakeupsales is all about

Out of so many reasons to love Wakeupsales CRM, here're a few

  • Manage Leads & Grow Your Business
  • Streamline Sales Activities
  • Manage Your Contacts
  • Improve Your Productivity
CRM Tool New UI
Lead Management

This has never been easier. With the Wakeupsales CRM you can manage & nurture leads without a miss. It's Easy!

Organised Sales Flow

The easy-to-use CRM helps you streamline your sales process, like never before. It's so cool.

Improved Deal Closures

If you do everything right, this is a given. No doubt, Wakeupsales helps you improve your deal closures drastically.

  • CRM Tool User Taylan Toprak Owner, Estateslist.com,
    I really loved the UI of Wakeupsales. It's very pleasant to work with. The plugin library isn't so rich at the moment but I'm sure it will grow by time. This crm is definitely worth a try!
  • CRM Tool User Hemant P CEO, Glyxo
    WakeUpSales helped me to automate my website visitors and insert them directly to my CRM Dashboard. I liked it because it's easy to use and opensource. The CRM is great at forecasting agreements, and its integrations make it more likeable.
  • CRM Tool User Ajay P Centurion Ads & Media
    Wakeupsales is a smart CRM tool. It has got a simple (and clean) user interface unlike others I had tried in the past. The most important thing was the app's simplified flow - lets you attain the objective of managing customers in a superb way. Looking forward.
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Core Features

Features that make the WakeUpSales CRM Stand Out.

Lead Status Tracking & Management

To ensure you don't remain in the dark on where your prospects are coming from.


Manage your email account right from your CRM, without going through the pain of logging in separately.

Resource Utilization

To ensure all your resources are put into the right places & their time is best utilised.

Analytics Reports

So that you don't miss out on any of the important figures/stats from your CRM.

Email Campaigning &
Follow Ups

No more you have to worry about following up manually with all your prospects.

Kanban View

All your opportunities arranged beautifully as per your different stages. It's pretty useful.

Interactive Dashboard

Never before, a CRM has come up with something like this. Comes bundled with a whole new UI.


Blend your favorite 3rd party apps with your favorite CRM Tool. It's practically Magic.

Get the Best out of Your Wakeupsales CRM.

Blend your favorite 3rd party apps with your favorite CRM Tool. It's practically Magic.

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