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Not Using CRM
  • Time Wastage on Excessive Data Entry
  • Inefficient Lead Management
  • Improper Data Management & Tracking
  • Juggling Between Dozens of Spreadsheets
  • Relatively Lesser Visibility
  • Lack of Transparency in Lead Nurturing
  • Inefficient Resource Utilization
  • Mediocre Customer Satisfaction
  • Relatively Moderate Deal Closures
With Wakeupsales

“Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI,
which makes CRM work joyful.
It's so easy to work with!”

Streamline Your Sales Activities, Improve Your Productivity & Create Powerful Customer Relationships.

“We found it easy to use and with little support we progressed easily. There are different functionalities from start to finish for all sales activities. Got quick support from the team with quick responses. Tracking of the sales activity was very difficult we were losing a lot of contacts and data now with wakeupsales all is under one roof with live data management and collaboration among the team.”
Yamina Harzallah
General Manager | Safety integrated Solutions, Algeria
Do you or your team find saying any of these or actually going through these issues or something similar?
“Me or my team we do not share the same story of leads – I think we need a system”
Your customer information is distributed, in a combination of post-it notes, 4 x Spreadsheets, 5 x Access Databases, 6 x Word Files, Emails (added to the pain of searching through, each time), saved in notepads in your desktop.
– its high time to put all your ‘Customer Bio’ in a single chamber.
“I have an idea (a half-baked one) but not sure what my sales people are doing with the leads we have got last day, week or month?”
Well you need visibility & transparency that enables you to guide your sales team for better & faster conversion. More importantly it’s not business wise possible to conduct sales pipeline con-call every day.
– time for a single pipeline in one place with the updated statuses.
“Wakeupsales is a smart CRM tool . It has got a simple (and clean) user interface unlike others I had tried in the past. The most important thing was the app's simplified flow - let's you attain the objective of managing customers in a superb way. Looking forward.”
Ajay P
Ajay P
Director | Centurion Ads & Media, India
Wakeupsales is an easy to use sales CRM
So easy, that getting used to it takes hardly a minute.
Plan Your Activities
Plan your activities
Plan everything from emails to phone calls & project allocation. Wakeupsales CRM handles all of this beautifully.
Easily Manage Deals
Easily manage deals
Never miss out on a deadline or a meeting. Managing leads or deals work like a breeze in Wakeupsales CRM. Easier than ever!
Work Smarter
Plan your activities
We call Wakeupsales the all-in-one CRM suite & there's a good reason for it. Integrate your gmail, track your mails, generate invoice & so much more right inside the CRM.
Track Everything
Easily manage deals
We took the basic necessity of getting to know your work progress & made it so much easier to monitor. If it's happening, Wakeupsales just knows.
Email Tracking
Plan your activities
Ever wondered if your emails are actually reaching the recipients? Wakeupsales has got it covered. Not just send emails but also track them right from the CRM.
Web To Lead
Easily manage deals
Imagine never running short of leads! Yes, Wakeupsales CRM adds all your website visitors automatically into your account as leads.
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“OK, please can you update the present status of the meeting with ‘Dave’ (your new client) and keep it ready for next week. And who actually sent the quote to him last week? What was the last discussion we had with him over call? Who is working on his requirements as of now?
Gosh! Do you really go through this pain! Don’t you think it would have been so much cool to know all the answers within a minute at a single place. A tool where your team members can enter the data, so that your follow-up becomes easier and faster (hassle-free, worry-free, confusion-free). – time to collaborate effectively, no more confusions.
“I have a top-of-the-line sales team but why does the sales cycle taking so long to close?”
Nothing wrong with your sales team, it’s the process that’s taking time. Make it easier by using a CRM which is going to fasten up the process, making it easier for you and your team to prospect more efficiently. – time to straighten up your sales process.
Wakeupsales CRM is so simple, it's easy to fall in love. And using it gives you a better chance at
deal closures.
“I really loved the UI of Wakeupsales. It's very pleasant to work with. The plugin library isn't so rich at the moment but I'm sure it will grow by time. This crm is definitely worth a try!”
Ajay P
Taylan Toprak
Owner |, Turkey
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“Common myth about CRM is that only big businesses can use it. We got a small business, I think we can handle it though pen-and-paper, spreadsheets!”
Well that’s wrong, it doesn’t matter if you’re running small, mid or big enterprises. A CRM greatly assists and binds withyour sales process while helping you to accelerate your deal closures. – time to get sales smart for your business.
“We have just started, I think spreadsheets are enough to manage all our leads and customer information for sales. – isn’t it?”

Q. Does your spreadsheet remind you to call your lead?

Q. Are you able to know what your sales team communicated with the client you are about to speak after 10mins?

Q. Will you be able to find out whom ‘Dave’ (your sales rep) has contacted, last month?

Q. Is your spreadsheet able to send emails and receive the replies!

Well these are only some of the advantages of a CRM & of course it has more! – time to shift from your spreadsheet to CRM.
Does any of the points below comes to your mind that you want to improve!
  • Customer service and communication?
  • Customer churn?
  • Data security?
  • Sales process?
  • Team efficiency?
  • Team mobility?
From multi-nationals to startups & freelancers, everyone is using Wakeupsales CRM.
Wakeupsales Users
Companies of all shapes and sizes use Wakeupsales enterprise class. Learn how Wakeupsales helps your team work with perspective.
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All our plans include these features:
  • Lead & Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline View
  • Project Management
  • Web to Lead Integration
  • In-built Gmail Integration
  • Task Listing
  • User Management
  • Files Hub
  • Invoice Management
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Daily Updates
  • Activities Stream
  • Email Tracking
  • Quick Notes
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Wakeupsales effortlessly manages key processes such as Lead Management, Emails & Follow-ups etc. It's a joy to work with.
Wakeupsales CRM is a lovely choice for small & midsize enterprises searching for a CRM. It's easy to use, comprehensive & highly customizable.
Working with Wakeupsales CRM is super easy & super fun. It's very intuitive.