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Smart CRM Tool

How Wakeupsales
can Help You!

How Wakeupsales can Help You!


Streamline your sales pipeline effortlessly.



Stay in touch with all your leads, all the time.


Scrambling with Sales force & Opportunities?

Crystal clear lead stages with reports & dashboard.


Juggling between too many Tools?

More control over sales activities at one place.


Sales & Support
Teams are out of Sync?

Ensure smooth collaboration to keep all your teams on the same page.


The Power to Move Your Business Forward

All in one CRM


Set custom pipeline stages that are aligned to your business. Turn prospects into customers your way.

100% Customizable


Track all lead communications transparently. Keep sales reps in sync & benefit from increased engagement.

Super Easy to Use


Absolute control over your sales process. Winning deals made easy with less chaos & more outcomes.

The CRM Software for Startups, Small & Medium Businesses


Add or manage your opportunities, send emails, assign tasks, leave a note, export to CSV/PDF, pipeline view & so much more!



Add or manage your contacts, bulk upload, sync with google contacts, add an opportunity, task or send an email.



Add or manage tasks, set filters, add comments, follow up, strike off to mark as complete & calendar view.



Invite your team members on-board to build a team, assign roles and manage their access levels.



Get to know what’s happening & where you stand based on an array of parameters. Make better decisions.



Everything important from every corner of your account comes here. Super convenient for a quick glance.



Define your own pipeline stages, task types, lost reasons, setup web forms or add custom fields.


Wakeupsales CRM is for Everyone.

Wakeupsales for SaaS Business

SaaS Business

  • Manage vital data efficiently
  • Eliminate repetitive processes
  • Send emails w/o switching platforms
  • Gain insights from your sales funnel
Wakeupsales for Agencies


  • Streamline your opportunities
  • Manage all your leads centrally
  • Monitor & optimize your pipeline
  • Improve your customer retention
Wakeupsales for Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Manage all your property inquiries
  • Nurture prospective buyers
  • Schedule your site visits with ease
  • Followup with leads via emails
Wakeupsales for eCommerce


  • Prioritize returning customers
  • Track high value opportunities
  • Get insights into buying behaviour
  • Improve your order fulfillments

Wakeupsales Makes People Happier

More than 5k people rely on Wakeupsales CRM to take care of their sales & customers.

Ajay P

Wakeupsales is a smart CRM tool. It has got a simple (and clean) user interface unlike others I had tried in the past. The most important thing was the app's simplified flow - let's you attain the objective of managing customers in a superb way. Looking forward.

Ajay P Director | Centurion Ads & Media, India
Taylan Toprak

Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI, which makes CRM work joyful. I liked the UI and it’s easy to work with. Wakeupsales has a plugin library that’s going to increase very soon, I’m sure. Great work. Keep it up.

Taylan Toprak Owner |, Turkey
Yamina Fassouli Harzallah

As a startup company owner, I would like to thank the Wakeupsales Team for developing such a solution which has provided a clear path to our Sales and Marketing Plan. Lately, we've decided to continue using Wakeupsales for the 2nd year and I'm confident that the continuous improvement and professional support of the team will be an added value to our future business Plan. Thank you!

Yamina Fassouli Harzallah Founder & General Manager | Safety Integrated Solutions, Algeria

Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognitions
Awards & Recognitions