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Welcome to Wakeupsales!

Wakeupsales is a user friendly smart CRM suited for teams of all sizes, popular amongst sales teams across IT, real estate, digital agencies, online travel agencies, consulting and professional services firms.

Wakeupsales helps teams maintain full control of their sales pipeline to improve deal closure rates and build lasting customer relationships. The enhanced transparency across pipeline stages keeps the teams highly motivated and engaged to collaborate and close more deals successfully.

In short, Wakeupsales takes the chaos out of your customer management and helps you focus on your customers and achieve your goals while saving you a lot of time from manual and repetitive activities.


How Wakeupsales was Born

Back in 2015, as a software development company catering to clients across the globe… we realised that our managers are spending way too much time trying to get things organised rather than actually managing their teams & customers.

Most of the CRMs available were either complex to use or expensive or both. That’s when we went back to table & thought of building a simple yet powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that can make an instant impact to any business.

That was the birth of Wakeupsales CRM; Now available on both cloud & on-premises versions, used by more than 7k active users from 27 countries across the globe & counting.


How We're Helping
Companies Grow

  • Low deals conversion & retention
  • Disorganised sales pipeline
  • Inconsistent tracking of sales progress
  • Mediocre customer sat. & slow growth
  • Shuffling between multiple apps for work
  • Lack of clarity across your teams
  • Lack of actual figures for better decision making

We Grow with You!

Everyday thousands of sales folks like you are using Wakeupsales to make their life easier by streamlining their sales pipeline, minimising lead leakages, improving team collaboration besides ensuring higher chance of deal closure.
We love to see you grow!.

What Our Customers Say

Taylan Toprak
Taylan Toprak
Owner | Estateslist.com, Turkey

Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI, which makes CRM work joyful. I liked the UI and it’s easy to work with. Wakeupsales has a plugin library that’s going to increase very soon, I’m sure. Great work. Keep it up.

Ajay P
Ajay P
Director | Centurion Ads & Media, India

Wakeupsales is a smart CRM tool. It has got a simple (and clean) user interface unlike others I had tried in the past. The most important thing was the app's simplified flow - let's you attain the objective of managing customers in a superb way. Looking forward.


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