4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!

4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!

Startups all over the globe usually have a concept that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is usually for medium or large-scale industries – which is not true at all. CRM such as Wakeupsales (completely free) is important for any business of any league that might be into Sales, IT, Finances, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Human Resource, Design Agencies, Marketing, FMCG and others.

wakeupsales-blogger-quote4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!

So as said by ERIC RIES above – it’s important how fast (in a logical-calculative-smart) way you are able to grow your Startup and of course it’s not about cost all the time.

Having said that, Wakeupsales helps you to manage your entire customer list as well as nurturing (right from emailing them using the Gmail Sync right from Wakeupsales to assigning the lead to one of your Sales Representative). It does everything. It makes sure you have all the things ready to send the details to the lead or schedule a meeting with the lead. Almost everything you can think of managing and nurturing a lead as well as maintain a relationship with the lead once he converts as a customer.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key benefits (and we’re not joking at all, because many of our startup clients have achieved better customer relationship with increased revenue) that Startups can achieve using a smart CRM:

testi4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!


1. CRM helps startups get organized with their customer management

Being a startup, you would surely be getting a lot of data and in this factor a lot of customer data. So how do you make sure you don’t get started with the wrong information or delay the process as you surely have other things which might be piling up!

Imagine overlooking a crucial customer information that could have turned your prospect into a customer.

Therefore, with a good CRM you can have all your data organized in one single place and not searching around among hundreds of spreadsheets.

What else? Implementing a CRM will aid your sales & marketing team achieve more in lot lesser time. On top of that, the management of the startup gets a bird’s eye view on what’s going on.

2. CRM makes Contact Management Automated

Once you have the customers, CRM can help managing your contacts and at the same time assist your entire team in collaboration while nurturing the lead Or using Wakeupsales CRM’s one of the coolest features – inserting new hot leads contacting you through your ‘Contact Us’ page directly to your contacts. From there on assign the new prospect to one of your startup members and start interacting with the lead.

Stop manual process start automating your CRM activities.

3. CRM Collaboration redefined

What do you do when you get a new lead?

  • Send the lead details to your teammates?
  • Assign someone to nurture the lead?
  • Or miss the lead details because of other works you’re involved in?
  • How do you get to know if the lead has been contacted or not? If contacted – what has he responded back with?
  • Have you scheduled a meeting with him next week?
  • Is he interested in your product or service?

Do you do all these manually or through an excel sheet!!

Time to change

With a CRM, you have all the above things in order with added information required to prepare for your next deal way ahead of your scheduled meeting with customers.

4. Governing your funds, a smarter way

Being a startup, we have to go through several funding cycles and in order to continue, operating startup’s need to manage those funds intelligently. The CRM can be of great use to keep track of all your funding opportunities.

Saying that – Wakeupsales has loads of built-in plugins to make your customer relationship experience even better.

Therefore, it’s highly important especially for a startup to adapt a CRM (of course a free or an open source one) right from the beginning.

Why? Because startups cannot afford to let clients slip away. A CRM makes sure that you nurture new customers and retain existing customers, stay in touch with them and never miss a conversation whatsoever.

It’s more than two years now – and Wakeupsales has helped more than 5000+ firms manage and automate their customer relations in a productive way. Keep Wakeupsaling.

Tryout the fully free – Wakeupsales Open Source or Wakeupsales Cloud Edition.

# 1 in top CRMs 2017 List4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!

Great User Experience4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!Rising Star4 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!

Finances Online is an independent software review platform and it’s our pleasure that they have ranked Wakeupsales with two prestigious awards: “Rising Star 2017” & “Great User Experience 2017” – Work with the best CRM ever.


04 Important Reasons Startups must use a CRM: Wakeupsales!
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