Marking an email as ‘Spam’ has become so outdated now a days. Another option has gained popularity off-late, the ‘Delete’ option. Good or worse, depends on which side you are on.

For a Sales guy, the ‘Delete’ option is the worst nightmare. One click of a button, and whooshhh! There’s hardly any second chance.

One of the biggest myths in the whole wide world is that Spamming is a decent way of prospecting. It’s almost funny! Another sad affair is of sales folks concentrating on sending the same email to more n more leads, just to decrease their probability of being flagged! What they don’t understand is that, it doesn’t increase their chances of getting a reply either.

Building relationships should always be on top of your agenda. Even if it takes a lot of time, go for it. It’s always the smaller things that do the trick.

Today I have put together a few email templates which are anything but overly annoying. Email templates that hit the right tone, if sent at the right time. All in all, they have a better chances of getting read.

  1. Congratulations & Wishes

There’s one simple fact. Flattery works! You should always keep looking for trigger events that give you a chance to get in touch with your lead. Anything from the web, social media or any other source is easy enough to find in today’s world. So do it, and when  you find something… just write a short ‘flattery’ email like this one:


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

Congratulations on getting a bigger role in your company.

I am sure you’ll make an even bigger impact now.

Looking forward to keep working with you, & making this world a better place.


[Your Name]


Simple. Short. Effective. Believe me, it works!

  1. Offer Instant Value

Everybody loves it when they get some value out of an offering. Always be pro-active in offering something to your prospects. Just avoid being a critic from the first instance though. And if you do, bundle it with a compliment first.


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

Your website looks great. Pretty neat & simple navigation.

When I was going through the site, I had to click around for a few minutes till I found your contact details. Have you thought about putting in a sitemap, call-to-actions & improving your navigation throughout the site.

Good thing is that, it’s easy! And I can help you with it. If it interests you, let’s talk over Skype or Phone.


[Your Name]


  1. Lend a Helping Hand

The idea here is just to create an impression. And lending a hand needn’t always be related to your own area of expertise. Connecting your prospect to someone who can help is good enough too. Even if it’s not related to your line of work!


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

Thanks for giving us a few tickets to your concert next month. It’s really nice of you. Can’t wait for the day to come!

I am sure tickets are selling fast. Nonetheless, I feel you might need to market the concert on the web & social media in a big way.

It’s not my area of expertise, but I happen to know a few guys who are into social media & digital marketing. Would you like an intro?


[Your Name]


  1. Respond to Contents Published

Yes, you read it! Getting in touch with a prospect after coming across one of his LinkedIn or Twitter posts is a good idea as well. A lot of effort & time goes into publishing an article on LinkedIn & a little bit of appreciation does wonders.


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

I came across one of your posts on LinkedIn, which talked about you going mobile with your start-up. That must be exciting.

Market survey says that around 40% of the start-ups suffer at a later stage due to customer dissatisfaction, because of mediocre mobile applications. We’ve been building amazing mobile apps since more than 8 years now.

Would you be interested in our services? Let’s catch up over Skype or Phone.


[Your Name]


  1. Respond to a service, to create another.

As sales guys, you should always be on the look out to generate new business opportunities. This is a little tricky, but certainly achievable.


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

I must say that your hotel (name) is amazing. I’m a fan of it, especially the food!

However, most of the times I make a call to book a table in advance… it just fails to connect. Have you ever thought about having the ‘table booking’ option on your website? I think it would be great for your customers, including me 🙂

Our company provides reliable web development services to businesses of all scale & size. Please feel free to get back to me, if it’s something you would be interested in.


[Your Name]


Wrapping Up…

Content is King! However, the timing of your email plays a vital role too. You can’t expect a higher open rate if sitting in India you’re sending emails in your day time to someone in the US. The same applies to other parts of the world like Australia or Europe too.

To get into their brains, you need to reach them at their time zone. As simple as that!

If you’ve got any suggestions or feedback, please write to me below. I would love to read all of it.

Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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