“If you don’t have time to do it right, you won’t have time to do it again.”


There are very few things in life, where shortcuts do you any good. Unbelievably in most of the other cases, they harm your cause in the end. They might save you a few minutes here and there, but certainly at a price (much higher than you might have thought of).

And, if you’re into sales, you really have no second chance. The stakes are too high.

So, here are a few shortcuts you should ALWAYS AVOID…

Doing your Homework during the Call



It’s a BIG No No. Some say that it’s better than not researching about the prospect at all, but you shouldn’t even let it come to that.

There are high chances of you missing valuable information, while you are busy going through his/her LinkedIn or any social media profile. Also, you might sound distracted. Multi-tasking is not so easy.

Nobody wants to talk to someone who’s not paying attention. So give yourself enough time in between calls & follow-ups to complete your homework.

Connect at the Same Time, Always



In today’s global world, everyone has a schedule of his or her own. As sales people, you just have to keep this in mind.

You never know when a prospect starts his day or if he has a specific time to check his emails.

To maximise your probability of being noticed, you need to be flexible enough & try out different time zones to send the emails or make those calls.

Not Pre-planning Work that lies Ahead



As humans, we have a desire to keep a lot of stuff in our minds. It just feels convenient. However, we also tend to forget many things with time.

It’s always a safer idea to plan everything in advance. And even if it sounds outdated, putting all the tasks on paper helps a lot (go old style – it’s safe). A simple to-do list, that’s it.


Same Content to all the Prospects



Sending the same email to all your prospects might make your success rate very dim. You need to understand the area of interests of all your prospects. Just a thorough look at their website, online activities (didn’t I talk about Homework!)

It’s the easier way, but not an effective one. As simple as that. Everything you send must be relevant to the prospect, something that he relates to.


Focusing on a single POC


You should never put all your money on one bet. The more, the better.

So that, if that particular prospect leaves the company, goes on vacation, or just stops responding… you do not have to start from scratch. Always keep as many stakeholders in your radar as possible.



Bypass the Doorkeeper


Most of the sales folks commit this one mistake. All of us usually try to reach the decision makers directly, thinking about striking gold.

However, getting in touch with someone who knows the decision maker from the inside & enjoys his confidence… is not a bad idea either. Sometimes, the farther routes will take you to greater places.


All good things take time.Shortcuts only add more misery to your workload.You have to give those a miss, if success is what you chase.

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Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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