A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the strongest points of any sales team. The more agile & smart your CRM is, the better your sales pipeline will be.

The moment a new lead is generated, your CRM grabs the data and manages it in the most intelligent way. During the entire sales process, there are n number of times a sales reps have to dial the same number or same prospects again & again. We do not just find it time-killing but a not-so-smart way of doing things!

We’re not even talking about sheer excitement (or the lack of it) of noting down 10 digits from your screen, and dialing it manually from your phone, every time!


Research says that it decreases the efficiency of sales reps. Some psychology researchers also state that with these tedious processes, anger/frustration level of sales reps tend to increase! Things like these surely affect the performance of your organization, majorly sales.

What’s the Solution?

Making things easier has always been on top of the list for Wakeupsales. And enters… Virtual Phone Systems. Once released, it’ll enable you to make calls without leaving your CRM. Yes… right from the heart of your CRM account. Isn’t that awesome! 🙂

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Integrate your virtual phone system’s dialer with your CRM
  2. Login to your virtual phone system’s dialer (one time)
  3. Click-to-call feature will allow you dial any number from your CRM directly with the virtual phone system’s dialer.

It’s that easy, literally! 🙂

Benefits of Click-to-Call feature:

The in-app Click-to-Call integration may not seem as big a feature as call recording or call analytics but will do wonders for your sales team. Here are the benefits:

  1. Save tons of valuable time
  2. Cross off a tedious (& boring) task for your sales team
  3. Improve your work efficiency
  4. Boost in sales figures


Your entire Call Log remains in the CRM itself, for you to track & analyse your marketing efforts. More so, you can even listen to your calls with its call recording feature.

CallHippo Integration on WakeUpSales CRM:

CallHippo is a popular virtual phone system providing local and toll-free numbers to more than 50+ countries for start-ups, small business and enterprises starting at just $4.5.

And we thought it’d be best to come up with a collaboration between the #1 Ranked CRM of the Year 2017 & one of the fastest growing click-to-call service providers. We’re so excited about this & can’t wait to share with you post its release 🙂

Excited about the CallHippo Integration? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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Ashok Pandit
Ashok Pandit

A contributor to the Wakeupsales Blogging community & Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, Ashok loves to share his knowledge about VoIP & Virtual Phone Systems anytime!

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