In this fast-paced life of marketers, business developers or the sales folks – being fast & over-aggressive doesn’t give you excellent results as desired.

Research says that it’s always wise to take-it-slow when you’re in the initial stages of a sales process. Give some time to the prospect to absorb what you have just downloaded on him, maybe your emails, brochures, slide decks, quotes or just a common formal letter.

At times sales folks tend to show over-eagerness to get through to the proposal state, even without knowing the exact requirement of a client in detail. This spells doom!

It’s like building a skyscraper without a solid foundation. Ultimately it has to collapse. Hence, you should always try to set the foundation right & give the client enough reasons to close the deal with you.

This is a pretty common mistake by sales folks across generations. Out of over-excitement & trying to be better than others, we often find it hard to slow down. It does more bad to our case than good.

Here’re a few reasons why your Sales Process is slow:

  • You find ‘Automation’ to be intimidating.

Chances are that your organisation does everything the old-school way, by manual labour. And when someone talks about automating some of the processes… it sounds too much to you. You almost lose some sleep thinking about it.


This is pretty common in family owned businesses & medium scale organisations which have been in business for a long time now. Such cases only restrict the organisation to enjoy the benefits of automation & realise the full potential.

  • You like to plan only for the short-term


Living life in the present never really works if you own or manage a business. In such cases, you always have to plan for the long-term future. Otherwise, it won’t take much time to be left behind in the competition to remain valuable. And the sooner you realise this, better for the organisation.

  • All the departments in your firm are working independently


From a broad point-of-view, all departments in an organization work towards the same goal. They may have completely different set of interests & expertise but the ultimate aim is to serve the customers. Hence complete transparency & co-ordination between departments goes a long way in speeding up the results.

  • You feel you’re doing enough that’s required

As cliched as it sounds, you should never stop learning. There’s always a room for improvement & no matter which stage you are in… you should be flexible enough for better things.


Even if you you’re following the best recommended checklists, methods & approaches… there’s always someone a step ahead of you. Hence you should always be looking for ways to improve efficiency & productivity. At no point of time, should you think that you’re doing enough.

  • You rely on more than half-a-dozen apps to get things done

This is one of the most common mistakes managers & business owners commit. Gone are those days of using an individual app for every possible task in your daily work-life. Time & efforts are going costlier every passing day. And every hour saved, has its value in gold.


You don’t have to manage separate apps for contact management, lead nurturing, team collaboration, project management, invoicing etc. when all of this can be done in one single place. Just take up a smart & agile CRM like Wakeupsales & everything will become so much easier from the very first day.

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Let me know if you’ve got more reasons you think businesses slow down. I’d be happy to know more 🙂


Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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