Conquer Stress to Achieve Your Sales GoalsConquer Stress to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Conquer Stress to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Sales is never easy. It’s always a pressurized, result driven profession & in this situation of having to perform, so many of the sales folks crumble. A not so confident sales team means below par sales results for the company.

This is where the role of sales managers come in handy. As experienced leaders, it’s their job to keep the team as motivated & confident as possible. Stress is not good for anything & contrary to popular belief, research says that majority of the stress in our lives is work-related.

Let’s discuss a few parameters how you can help keep your sales team healthy & running.  


Maintain the right balance

A little stress should always be there. Isn’t it? This helps in motivating us to push ourselves more and drive the momentum to achieve sales targets. But the situation gets worse once it starts to rise & goes out of control. Hence, maintain a right balance always. As they say, “Excess of everything is bad”.

Understand your stress triggers

Before diving deep into sales management, we should know some of the basic root causes which give rise to stress.

Here are some of the basic phenomenon which gives rise to stress in a sales person’s life:

  • Pressure to meet deadlines
  • Unachievable targets
  • Poor management
  • Repeated rejections
  • Un-optimized sales pipeline
  • Failing to meet expectations

Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Take care of all these & you’d have a sales team firing on all cylinders.

Psychological barriers to selling

Stress triggers can be categorized into three major psychological barriers:

  • Lack of control
  • Panic of failure
  • Loss of focus

Be logical

What matters the most is your mindset. You need to change your mindset in order to overcome the psychological stress barriers.  Sales is all about developing relationships, hence it’s necessary to have an organized process. This way stress can be reduced to a great extent.

Build up a healthy habit

Work and health must go hand in hand. Work-life-balance is really important. In order to promote this, sales managers need to lead by example for others.  

Below are some tips which every manager should push their team to adapt:

  • Maintaining a proper work-life balance
  • Pursue your hobbies  
  • Eat healthily
  • Take care of yourself & your team

So what next? You still need to so sales, don’t you! To make things easier, try a smart lead management tool which helps you to streamline your sales pipeline? Signup for Wakeupsales CRM today.

What’re your thoughts on handling stress at work & how it affects your sales? Leave your comments below & I’d love to hear it back from you.

0Conquer Stress to Achieve Your Sales Goals
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