How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline w/ Hot LeadsHow to Fill Your Sales Pipeline w/ Hot Leads

How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline w/ Hot Leads

If you’re into selling services, you’d be familiar with this problem.

Ever wondered, why you find it tough to meet your sales targets even if you have a great team & a bunch of prospects in your sales pipeline?

The team works round-the-clock, hundreds of emails are sent every day & yet the conversion rate fails to meet your expectation!

Maybe it’s time to re-think from scratch. Let’s discuss a few ways we can give ourselves a better chance at achieving higher conversion rates.


Clean Your Sales Pipeline

Market research says that nearly 80% of the sales experts believe, quality leads give you higher probabilities of conversion than cold leads do even in bulk quantity.

Hence, if things aren’t going your way… leaving out all the cold leads from your pipeline altogether won’t be a bad idea. Rather it’s better to concentrate on prospecting warm/hot leads who you think have the need to buy what you are offering. Sometimes, less is MORE! 🙂

How do You Categorize the Poor Leads that can’t Convert?

Here are a few ways you can filter out poor leads from the lot, thus increasing your chances at higher conversions:

Is he the Right Person?

While selling something, always do your homework well. Make sure your time & efforts aren’t going in vain talking to someone who doesn’t have the authority to take a decision. If that’s the case, gently request him to connect you to someone who can take a call.

Otherwise, just let go!

Does he have the Bucks?

Getting your lead qualifying criteria is very important. Your product may be the best fit for someone you’re prospecting; however if you feel they don’t have enough funds to spend on your solution… shelf them in your archives and reach out to them in future.

Key here is to never let go of such prospects.

Avoiding You or Ghosting Your Communication

Your solution is exactly what a guy wants. But due to reasons unknown, he has gone AWOL. Doesn’t view your emails, neither takes your calls.

Try to read the non-verbal communication! Let go.


Refill your Pipeline with Real Hot Leads

Now as your pipeline is cleaned up, it’s time to fill it with better & hotter leads.

You will want to create a lead scoring system so you can understand the relative value of each lead in your pipeline. Make a checklist of what you offer and what would be the average to higher standard or requisites of a good lead.

This also means your reps have to be asking the right questions throughout the sales process to qualify the leads further as they move through the sales process. These questions – which must be defined ahead of time – need to be answered before the lead can be moved to the next stage of the pipeline. Follow the process and you’ll have your ideal lead or prospect.

Once you have a pipeline full of warm/hot leads, you need a smart CRM tool to make things easier for you. SignUp for Wakeupsales CRM today!

0How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline w/ Hot Leads
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