Be it positive or negative, getting a response is as good as a gift in sales. It’s something everyone craves for. Sales objections, on the other hand, are frustrating & may often kill a lot of your time.  

When it comes to sales objections, we often think that they arise in the later stages of a sales cycle. That’s so not true! Research says that most sales objections arise at the initial stages; Especially during prospecting, where we try our best to develop a relationship with the lead.

Prospecting is important. And if you’re into it, you’d be familiar with certain statements such as “I’m busy”, “Call me tomorrow”, “Send me over mail”, “not interested” and so on. The key to handle this is identifying some basic objections & prepare your sales team to overcome these barriers.

Here are some of the most common objections faced:

  • Straight Turndown

The intensity of objection varies depending on the time on which it comes up. If it comes up before the sales guy has even delivered the value proposition & has described the product in detail, it’s a clear turndown/brush off.

Here the sales rep can request a quick walkthrough of the product or he can ask questions to make the prospect understand the usability of the product.

  • Competitors

This is the most important scoring area, as you can make the prospect know the uniqueness of your product & the value it delivers.

In such cases, the prospect may bring up some of your competitors saying that “we are satisfied with our vendor” etc. These are regular objection scenarios & it’s totally in your hands to change their perception. Just make them feel like you’re offering something that’ll make their lives better than before.

  • Delay/Hesitation

In today’s super paced world, everyone is busy. There’re high chances of your prospects getting things postponed. Don’t let them do this; Assure them that you have a solution they need.

Ask for a suitable timing that works for them & try being extra polite. Everybody likes a bit of courtesy.

  • No Decision Making Authority

This is an objection you can really avoid. Before getting into prospecting, we should really do our homework on whether the person has the authority to make decisions. If he doesn’t, it’s always wise to request him to connect you to the correct guy.

There’s no point in prospecting a wrong guy who can’t take the next step forward.

If you know you’ve put your best foot forward, have pretty much covered everything that can be covered & yet there are objections… maybe you should let it pass. No one buys against their will & hence, you should rather focus on other prospects.

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Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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