And it’s raining new features this year in the Wakeupsales CRM 🙂 After Goals (read my previous article for details) I am so so excited to share with you another super important feature that you will love using right away.

When things get busier & we find ourselves having to deal with a mountain of leads, it gets difficult at times to touch upon every single lead. It’s only normal; we aren’t what Messi is to football. As a result, every now & then we loose few of the leads that could have been converted into paying customers. Our product team at Wakeupsales CRM took it up as a challenge & came up with an idea which can minimize the lead leakage. Let’s just say that touching upon every single lead in your pipeline would be easier than ever before. We call it the “Lead Aging Report“.

We have been testing it with a small sample of users & it’s been a winner for every single user who has tried his hand on this one.

Where to find it?

  • If you’re logged into your Wakeupsales CRM, move over to ‘Quick Links’ on the header up there.
  • On the third column, you’ll see an option named ‘Reports & Analytics‘. Click on it.
  • Once you’re inside the Reports & Analytics section, look for the tab ‘Lead Aging Report‘ on the top.

Who can access it?

Everyone in your team gets to access the ‘Lead Aging Report’. However, there are certain restrictions as per your user role. If you’re an admin, you can really get the best out of this module by looking at all the leads that have been left behind in your pipeline as well as everyone else’s pipeline in your team. Of course, a super admin can access the same too.

If you’re a user, you will only be able to access the aging report of your leads. Just enough to get your work done 🙂


The graphical panel in the Lead Aging Report module will give you a visually rich preview of where your leads are being left behind, since how long. Super convenient for sales folks. Great for maximizing deal conversion. LeadsThe second panel below shows a tabular representation of everything that’s been stuck in your pipeline at different stages. Click on any of the stats & it shows a popup… of all the leads/opportunities that are there.Leads

Click on any of the opportunities right there & dive straight into the opportunity details page for an instant follow-up.

Super easy, time-saving & addictive! Those were the exact words of our beta users. And now that it’s finally released, we can’t wait for you to try.

Please give it a try, & leave your feedback/suggestions below. If you’re not on Wakeupsales CRM yet, SignUp Now to try this out 🙂

Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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