Spreadsheets Are Enough For Your Start-upSpreadsheets Are Enough For Your Start-up? Think Again!

Spreadsheets Are Enough For Your Start-up? Think Again!

When you kick-start your new Start-up – the first things that come to your mind are calculations, managing clients’ info & maintaining team reports in a Spreadsheet.

Not a bad choice, you think! Let’s take an example of a busy day in office;

You want to find that mobile number of a client you contacted 3 days ago! Search through the spreadsheet.

You need to find out the mailing list of your leads! Check the spreadsheet.

Time to call your customers for invoice payments? Dive into the spreadsheet again.

Well, spreadsheets do serve the purpose to an extent. But, eventually it will start hitting you back with issues – until these things start happening with you or your business;

  • You need your team to collaborate & work on a common platform
  • Your clientele starts to swell & you find it difficult to manage the same using spreadsheets
  • What if – you have to email 20 prospects today & need to update the present status of each prospect manually one by one. Worse, what if that number is 200?

Once your business reaches a particular height, you’ll need something better & smarter to remain as productive as before. Nobody likes to spend hours on spreadsheets alone 🙂

More than 95% of the sales experts prefer a CRM tool over spreadsheets. And there are a few good reasons for that…


Getting Started Takes Only A Minute

Many people presume that adapting to a CRM would be a herculean task. To the contrary, signing up for a Cloud-based CRM takes hardly a minute. Just give your email id & you’re good to go. That easy!

Smart Automation

What’s impossible in a spreadsheet, is possible in a CRM. Imagine prospects contacting you on your website. If you’re into spreadsheets, it’s highly likely that you’d get the notification via email & put a resource onto putting that information in the CRM as a prospect.

Wakeupsales CRM does this better. With its ‘Web to Lead’ integration, the CRM automatically collects the information of the person who’s contacted you, processes it & adds him as a lead in the CRM. How cool is that! 🙂

No More Juggling Between 6 Different Tools

While using spreadsheets, you need half a dozen other tools (such as email client, task management, invoice generation, lead insertion etc.) to manage your entire sales process.

A smart CRM like Wakeupsales has all of that under one platform. Give it a try!

Hassle-Free Collaboration

Using a CRM simply means clear visibility with no confusion at all. As a manager, you gain complete control of what your team is working on. Assigning a lead to one of your team members & tracking the progress is easy too!

All the above advantages mean you will save hours of time, & will be even more productive! Still feel like sticking to spreadsheets? Think again!

Or  Give Wakeupsales CRM a try! It comes with a FREE 30 day Trial Period.

0Spreadsheets Are Enough For Your Start-up? Think Again!
Jay D

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

Image NameSpreadsheets Are Enough For Your Start-up? Think Again!
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