Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.” Paul Greenberg (HubSpot)

A strategic customer engagement plan has become the life of every business. As businesses mostly depend on the customer’s engagement with the brand. You must apply the strategy that creates emotional bonding between your business and brand.

Therefore, providing a superior customer experience has become a vital component in customer engagement strategy.

Here is one of my favorite customer engagement quote from industry experts.

Customer engagement is the degree and depth of brand-focused interactions a customer chooses to perform.” The Smile Team

So adopting the engagement strategy is more than “a necessity”! Is not it?

Why you should care about customer engagement?

The normal success path of every business conversion is:

Acquire → Purchase → Retention

However, these acquisition strategies alone won’t be enough to grow your business sustainably.

Finding a way to engage with your prospects in between the purchase (or conversion) helps to strengthen their emotional connection with your brand, and this would help you to retain the customer.

Acquire to Retain Strategy

It’s proved, with the engagement strategy the “Acquisition to Retention” ratio is on the higher side.

A customer engagement study by Ray Wang shows, “companies who have improved engagement increase cross-sell by 22%, drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%, and also increase order sizes from 5% to 85%.

With these simple stats, it’s easy to see that there is a direct relationship between your engaged customers and business profits.

But how a CRM solution can help to achieve this?

The key to better engagement increased sales, and improved customer retention is building strong, trusting relationships between your organization and your prospects and clients.

And integrating a CRM system will help you achieve this by providing a software solution for better communications and conversations, and minimizing the sales cycle along the way.

Well, Customer Relationship Management software has a successful and proven track record for helping business proposer over a period of time. Through the use of a CRM tool, you can track customer behavior and their interaction patterns easily.

Therefore, today the main aim of the CRM is to aid customer engagement. And this pushes businesses to make continuous upgrades in the CRM structural design, which helps them to understand customers better.

Engagement Strategy Make Different - Statistics

  • Make Customer Engagement Easier:

The primary requirement of any customer is a simpler communication process.

Let’s say, if one of your new potential buyer or customer does not come up with a solution of using your product or service, or having a disputed service, they will immediately try to connect with your support team.

And if you failed to provide immediate assistance the customer will switch to your competitor in no time.

Here a CRM solution can help you to capture the details about the prospective customer via chat or Inquiry, etc to provide a better customer experience.

Thus CRM makes businesses more responsive and better informed.

  • Improved Engagement Options:

CRM can help the business to engage with their customers in numerous ways by handling the inefficient internal process that obstructs the customer engagement process.

It helps in integrating every process like marketing, sales, lead management, etc and helps in analyzing information, taking the customer engagement to a different level.

  • Behavioral Engagement:

As a service provider, speaking about your product and services is a must. But the customers or the prospects must be capable to understand how your products are going to fulfill their needs.

This can be done only if the business is able to fulfill the needs of the users and in order to do that the businesses need to listen and understand the needs of the target audience.

  • Improve Marketing Performance:

By understanding the success path along the customer voyage is impactful on your target audience section, you’re able to provide the prospective exact approach that they clearly want.

And then you could have direct discussions about their pain points and how you or your product can help solve their issues.

So, getting the thicker visibility into the buyer ride can help to reduce the ratio of redundant conversation.

  • Enable Multi-Functionality:

CRM plays a major role when it comes to providing customer information or predicting future market trends.

And It widens the client-company relationship as it covers every single meeting and touchpoint.

Customer relationship management is always considered as the backbone of a company’s customer experience approach. And consider as the best performing option for customer retention.

Every company must try to discover all opportunities to interact with their customers. This gives rise to a complete end to end customer management strategy.

Still, need to know how CRM can help your customer engagement? Schedule a demo!

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