Even in this time, a lot of organizations (especially small businesses) still prefer to use Excel spreadsheets. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s easily available in possibly every computer in this world & because of its superiority… everyone’s fairly familiar with how it works.

The world’s so much addicted with spreadsheets that people often neglect the downsides of it. Contrary to popular belief… spreadsheets are not the best options available. CRMs can do all of this & so much more, helping your business run better. Let’s discuss…


There’s hardly any security with spreadsheets. Anyone who has access to it can make a copy or send it to somewhere else via storage devices or email. A CRM on the other hand allows you to set different permission levels to different users. If you’re the admin, total control is with you & you can easily change the permissions should someone leave your firm.

Intelligent Forecasting

Can you share a spreadsheet having the real time information about your business to multiple members? It’s unheard of. However, you can run simple or tailored reports from a CRM system within seconds, giving you an accurate snapshot of your business at any time.

Time Consuming

If your organization sees frequent product churns or price changes, keeping up with all of the information in your spreadsheets can be a daunting task. Get rid of the inefficiencies by implementing a CRM that makes things way more easier.

Out of the many limitations that spreadsheets have, the above are some of the prominent ones, likely to affect your business big time. We’ll talk about some other limitations, in another blog.

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