Content Marketing has seen a meteoric rise in the recent times, there’s absolutely no second opinion about that. If you’re not into it yet, maybe it’s time for you to think about it one more time. And if you’re well into content marketing, your Content Calendar has to be better than ever before this year.

Let’s be honest, we all have busy work schedules. We have meetings, appointments, conferences, presentations and in between all of these… we run late. Imagine such a scenario & you still have to post a few social media contents in an interval of a few hours. It just makes matters worse. Yes, the internet helps but we lose the power of being unique & the quality of our contents takes a hit.

That’s where you require a Content Calendar to make things way easier for you. It helps you prepare & plan for unique & exciting contents that are high on quality. This in return gets you more eyeballs & thus more website traffic. More traffic means better chances of you acquiring a prospect. Every piece just fits into the puzzle, all because of your Content Calendar. That’s how important it can be.

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And to help you save loads of time digging around the web, we decided to work on a few ready-made Content Calendar templates that will just work perfectly for you. Hours of research & numerous feedback later… we prepared the 3 Marketing Content Calendar Templates that we believe will change the way you do content promotion.

Template #1:

The best monthly content calendar that I’ve seen. It’s simple, easy to pickup & gives you the entire month’s planning at a glance. In fact, I use this one too!

Content Calendar
Template #2:

This has to be one of the most popular choices among those who are really into heavy content promotions. Lets you plan for every particular day with a mention of category, priority & the status. It’s so cool!

Content Calendar
Template #3:

This might well be the template for those who are new to content promotion & are starting off. Gives you the bird’s eye view of everything that’s been planned weekly. Mentions the category, priority & status too. It just works ?

Content Calendar

So what are you waiting for? Get the Marketing Content Calendar Templates & start planning your contents well in advance.

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