Marketing is evolving rapidly, so are the strategies that marketers use to engage with customers or prospects. You have to stay ahead of these emerging marketing trends to remain relevant in your respective industry.

And for this, we can largely thank the mobile technology and cloud revolution.

As the importance of CRM increases day-by-day; lots of exciting things are happening in this domain. Here are the 4 biggest CRM trends for this year:

#1. Enhanced Mobility:

CRM solutions will look towards creating a more cohesive ecosystem for better customer experience across multiple devices and screens. CRM mobile apps have already started to take over the majority of usage & don’t be surprised if the focus also shifts towards offline CRMs in the near future.         

#2. Self-Service via CRM:

One distinct channel that will be observing deeper integration with CRM this year is self-service.

According to Forrester research, most of the customers are expected to leave an online purchase if they won’t get their answers to their questions immediately.   

The Service Desk Institute has found that more than 80% of IT departments are using self-service as a way to meet this need.

The connection between CRM and self-service is natural since CRM automation like chatbots can provide customer care feedback loop and self-service interactions which can be tapped into, as & when required.   

#3. Easier Use:

A market which was once dominated by Hubspot, Salesforce or Microsoft is now flooded with dozens of CRMs that are bold, flexible & willing to given all possible options to its user. What will make them stand apart is the ease of use.

According to a survey, users consider ease of use as the most vital aspect for a CRM rather than other features like emailing, scheduling, ticketing and data snapshots etc.

Tools like Wakeupsales are gathering popularity because of their user-friendliness. Apart from the features, ease of use is the first priority.

#4. CRM goes Mainstream:

The CRM activity is truly growing beyond its reach and 2018 had already shown how the mainstream industry has caught on with it. Today, every single company is looking for a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) platform. The multiple benefits in terms of retention, customer acquisition and management are hallmarks that make CRM a must-have software.  

I won’t be surprised if this trend exceeds our expectations this year & CRM becomes a the most in-demand application in the business world.

Over to You:

2019 will be a transformational year for CRMs in terms of usage and flexibility. Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Tell me if you foresee any CRM trends catching up this year, I’d love to read your opinions. 

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Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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