Hundreds & thousands of wannabe marketers get into sales, thinking that only good social skills will take them to great heights. However, sooner they realize that the art of conversation is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Striking a conversation with an unknown & convincing the other guy is indeed very tough. To be a successful sales guy, you need a range of other qualities such as patience, immense listening skills & curiousness to know more.

If you think you have all the necessary skills, the next task is to make the most out of every single opportunity that comes your way. Here’s my take on how you can end up on the winning side of a sales conversation…

Do Your Homework

Simply said, you just have to know as much about your client as possible beforehand. What he does, what’s he into, what are the focus areas of his company or even what’s he interested in on social media. It all counts.

The more prepared you will be, the better your conversation will have. Also, don’t forget to keep a presentation handy in case the discussion gets into the details.

Simply Listen

This is one of biggest parameters most of the new-age sales folks miss out on. Out of sheer excitement, they tend to just go on talking, even to the extent of irritating the other person. It’s in fact as worse as it gets.

A good conversation is always the one involving two-way communications. You got to listen to what the client is saying, and also judge what he isn’t saying.

Ask The Right Questions

If you’re really interested to know about something, just ask! As simple as that. The more relevant questions you ask, the more interested they will be to carry on talking to you.
Hence, ask as many “relevant” questions as you can. Don’t shy away from it!

Cater To The Need

Just bragging about your offerings is never a good idea, if you’re selling. You might have the best product in this world & yet fail to win a customer. That’s because you always have to give attention to the customer needs.

If you hit that sweet spot, the customer will not think twice before coming onboard. Tying the customer needs to what you offer can help you a lot in winning a sales pitch.

Be Natural

A lot of marketers often go out of their natural way to talk & pitch something to a customer. That’s when they tend to lose the genuineness & nobody likes it fake.

Just believe in yourself & talk the way you normally do. Or to keep it simple, talk the way you’d like to be talked to.

The above tips are proven ways to give yourself a better chance at winning sales conversations. However, nothing is guaranteed in this world & we still have to work as hard as we can towards our path to excellence.

Let me know about your thoughts on how to win a sales conversation? Did I miss out on anything? Drop your opinions below.

Cheers 🙂

Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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