Coming-Soon-Track-Your-Leads-With-Wakeupsales-CRM_1Coming Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM

Coming Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM

Everyone knows how important it is to get leads. However, many of the marketers ignore the importance of tracking the paths back to where those leads came from. Well, it’s not a comfortable situation to be in! It’s like eating the best burger of your life without knowing where it’s available.

Imagine getting to know everything about your leads; where they’ve come from, how they reached you, how many steps they had to go through before stumbling upon your offering etc. Wouldn’t you feel like Edward Snowden for a second (pun intended) 🙂

Getting leads with enhanced information about where they’re coming from has numerous benefits such as:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Lead Management
  • Customized Sales Pitching
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Higher Customer Retentions

Few weeks back, we at Wakeupsales CRM went back to the table & started working on exactly the same thing, giving our users all of Snowden’s powers 🙂 While we couldn’t go that far ahead, we did stop at something that’ll let you track (almost) everything about your leads. We call it the ‘Lead Tracker‘ module inside your Wakeupsales account.

Where to Find It:

Once it’s released, we plan to add this gem of a feature into the ‘Web to Lead’ module of Wakeupsales CRM. If you aren’t aware of where it is… Look for ‘Quick Links’ on the header (inside your Wakeupsales account). You’ll find the ‘Web To Lead’ module right there.

The ‘Lead Tracker’ module is at a preliminary stage of development, however we’ve shown the wireframes & initial mock-ups to some of our early customers & their faces said it all literally 🙂 Here’s how it will look:

User_list_viewComing Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM

The first landing page would most likely look something like this. A list of all the visitors/leads who have converted & their whereabouts; how they have reached you, how many pages it took to reach you, how much time they spent on your website, which platform/OS most of your users are on & so much more.

That’s not all 🙂 Every visitor/lead log will have its own detail page as well. Here’s a sneak peek:

WUS Visitor Tracker Mock designComing Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM

Some of the highlight points in a visitor’s detail page are:

  • Complete Path Report
  • Most Visited Website Pages
  • Avg. Time Spent On Every Page

We are so so excited for this one & I can’t wait for you guys to try your hands at the ‘Lead Tracker’ module inside your Wakeupsales CRM. Stay tuned for release dates 🙂

Until then… keep Wakeupsaling.

0Coming Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM
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Image NameComing Soon: Track Your Leads With Wakeupsales CRM
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