Wakeupsales CRM: The Ideal Lead Gathering MachineWakeupsales CRM: The Ideal Lead Gathering Machine

Wakeupsales CRM: The Ideal Lead Gathering Machine

If you’re into Marketing, you know there are no holidays. Every passing day/week brings with it an extra set of challenges. Once your marketing juggernaut is in full flow & you’re flooded with leads/prospects… the next challenge for you will always be to channelise all those leads into a CRM efficiently. Especially when leads come to you from various channels & mediums, you got to have a streamlined workflow process to collect all the info & start nurturing.

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Fortunately, with Wakeupsales CRM you have access to one of the smartest & easiest tools to make things easier for you. Even the most complicated lead collection processes can be made to look like a walk in the park, with the power of Wakeupsales. Here are a few ways to effectively gather your leads & nurture them using Wakeupsales CRM:

Web to Lead (Website Integration)

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All your digital marketing efforts like promotional campaigns, website optimization etc. have brought eyeballs to your website. What next? People check out your white papers, free giveaways (if any) & you get emails for every action on the website. In the beginning, everything feels good & exciting. Then comes a time when your inbox is flooded with hundreds of such emails, leaving you with no room to breathe. The emails become a reason for serious distraction or end up somewhere inside your mailbox… unread, unattended.

The Web to Lead feature in Wakeupsales CRM is tailor-made for situations exactly like these. Just integrate the action page (contact us page) of your website with your Wakeupsales account, and that’s it. All the website visitors will automatically be transferred to your CRM as Leads. So that you can start the nurturing process right away; no time wasted whatsoever.

The Web to Lead feature comes pre-built with a Wakeupsales Cloud CRM account, whereas it’s available as a separate plugin for the Wakeupsales Community. Know more about it

Streamlined Workflow (Pipeline)

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Every lead has his own preferred way of communication. Some prefer emails, and some prefer telephone calls. Even your team members prefer spreadsheets, journals or other outdated methods to keep up with their info. Such inconsistency not just creates confusion but there’s also a chance of you overlooking a particular lead.

It’s always wise to adopt a consistent approach towards tracking leads info & the follow-up process. In Wakeupsales, adding a lead & keeping all the related info is super easy. Anyone can do it in a flash! All the leads/opportunities remain in one uniform format which gives you all the information you need in a glance.

Never Miss an Email

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Web traffic is the major source of your leads, but you can never ignore the importance of emails. You never know where you’ll get an inquiry email from. Might be an old prospect you thought you had lost, might be a reference or one of the prospects you’re nurturing now.

Wakeupsales CRM is an invaluable tool for situations like these. Integrate your Gmail account with your CRM & it brings your entire Email account right into the heart of CRM. No more switching between pages, permanently.

The “Gmail Integration” module comes pre-built with the Wakeupsales cloud account & for community users, it’s available as a stand-alone plugin in the Wakeupsales marketplace. To know more about it, click here.

A smart CRM Tool like Wakeupsales… does more good to you than just lead gathering. It streamlines your entire sales pipeline, giving you more time for converting leads into paying customers. No doubt it has been ranked as #1 CRM of the Year 2017 & scores high in terms of Customer Satisfaction 🙂

Please drop your suggestions below on how to make a sales cycle even more efficient. I’d love to read what you guys think…

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