Web/cloud based applications offer a bunch of benefits to all its users. No hassles, only a few minutes of time & you get to access the app. No installations, no manual upgrades.

These very reasons have made the Wakeupsales Cloud CRM popular amongst its users.

But, this time we have upped the game & are coming up with the Self-Hosted Edition of your favorite Wakeupsales CRM. It’s going to be everything like the Cloud edition, but still completely yours.

We believe you can do so much more with this one, with full control right in your hands.

The Wakeupsales CRM Self-Hosted Edition has so many reasons to look forward to. Let’s discuss a few of those here…

  • Take control of your environment
  • You own the data all by yourself, literally
  • You set-up your own security & backup systems
  • No internet dependency
  • Pay once and avail the service for a year
  • Save loads of time, money & resources

In short, the Wakeupsales CRM Self-Hosted CRM lets you manage your Sales Activities just the way you want it to, at your place.

Sounds interesting? Good news is that it’s now available for Pre-Order.

And it comes bundled with 4 premium features that get even more out of the Wakeupsales CRM.

Self Hosted

To know more about the pricing & features… click here.

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