Website Integration Plugin: Released!Website Integration Plugin: Released!

Website Integration Plugin: Released!

This is BIG! And I so very excited to share it with you here today. Our ‘Website Integration (Web to Lead) Plugin‘ is now released & available for purchase.

A lot of our users who are into marketing have been waiting for this, & I’m sure they’ll all love it. Let’s get straight to the point & discuss how awesome it is.


What It Does

Converting your website visitors into leads has never been easier. Just create an HTML form for your website, select the fields you wish to keep and Wakeupsales CRM creates the HTML code for you in seconds. All you need to do is, paste the HTML code on your website & let the plugin work its magic!

Next time a visitor submits their info, Wakeupsales creates a lead in the same name within its dashboard. It’s that simple!


Convert Your Visitors into Leads, Automatically.


How It Helps

Maximize your reach & chances of deal closures by automatically getting more leads into your Wakeupsales CRM. The ‘Website Integration’ plugin converts all the visitors submitting their info on your website directly into leads; saving you time by bucket loads.


Create Forms

Website1Website Integration Plugin: Released!

Just choose the fields you’d like to have, from an available set of subjects. Create a form of your choice & the plugin gives you an HTML code. Paste it on your website & you’re good to go. It’s that simple.

Get Leads Automatically

Once you set up the HTML code & the form is live, any prospect submitting his/her info gets automatically converted to a lead in your Wakeupsales CRM. It’s so cool! All you have to is, focus on your core business.

Setting up Website Integration (Web to Lead) plugin with Wakeupsales is easy. Check out the Installation Guide, FAQs & Requirements… right here.

More so, there’s a whole bunch of exciting add-ons to choose from. Explore our Marketplace. 🙂

If you’re not on Wakeupsales yet, download the latest version right here.

Already a Wakeupsales user? Learn more about the “Website Integration” Plugin right here. 😀 (Y)

0Website Integration Plugin: Released!
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