Another story of everything we’re sharing on our way to 100,000 downloads. Part-I was:

An Open Source CRM Startup – Journey to 100k+ downloads.
Good things first! When we jumped into making the most powerful open source CRM tool, we never thought the reactions would be so overwhelming. We had set a target of reaching 3k downloads in 15 weeks & we’re about to reach that mark in half the time. So, thank you so much. The journey hasn’t been smooth though, but we have learnt a lot in thepath.

Such positive reaction is what really keeps us going, every day. Our roadmap is all filled up with intelligent add-ons, support plans and how to make Wakeupsales more intelligent.

Every episode in this series – “Journey to 100,000 downloads” gives you an insight on how things may get haywire when you launch a new start-up (a SaaS or an Open Source Platform).

One BIG question arises – Why did we decide to build Wakeupsales CRM with Ruby on Rails!

Some of the reasons why we decided to use Ruby has got some really strong merits to its name. Few of the merits are here below:

  1. Fantastic Tooling: Helps deliver more features in less time. No surprises, it’s the most productive programming language around. Cherry on the top – its opensource.
  2. High Quality Code: The quality of 3rd party Ruby code is higher than its peers like PHP, NodeJS etc.
  3. Simply the Best Library: There’s a gem for just about anything you can think of; searchable and available for use. Who doesn’t love that – sheer simplicity with added neatness!
  4. Huge Community: With a community in every major city of the world, Ruby is arguably the most popular language on social coding site GitHub.
  5. Legitimately Safe: Ruby is a safer choice when we talk about other programming languages that can handle powerful operations. No doubt, so many big companies prefer to think the same way.

Hence, opting for RoR was an easy choice. And the results don’t disappoint either.

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So what next? 

After 2,500+ reviews, we’re really working hard on a whole New UI (a refreshingly new look and feel in the route) which will be LIVE before January 2017. A bunch of impressive functionalities & time-saving add-ons are also on their way. We believe, all this will make the WakeUpSales experience much more exciting for everyone. In fact, my next blog article will be about the new Wakeupsales and how it will be…watch this space!

Take a quick sneak peek below, one of pages from the upcoming all new Wakeupsales.

So, come join us in our journey towards 100,000 downloads. It’s completely FREE. We are learning a lot and so will you.
Let me know about your comments, suggestions below. I really look forward to reading all of it.

Merry Christmas! Ho HoHo…

Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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