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9 Oct, 2017
All the emails you send to your leads & contacts from the CRM, are kept beautifully arranged in the all-new 'Email Conversations'. Receive replies & send yours... it's all possible.
3 Sep, 2017
This is another BIG day for Wakeupsales CRM. The Self-Hosted edition with a 1 year perpetual license just released. Host it on your servers & enjoy the experience!
21 July, 2017
We've released a Wakeupsales CRM plan that just won't stop untill you do, free forever. Yes, you read it right!
11 Jun, 2017
Our paid subscriptions for the Cloud CRM just went live. At $4.99 per user / month it's the best ever offer for the #1 CRM of the Year.
21 May, 2017
The power & beauty of Wakeupsales Cloud CRM are soon going to be available on your local servers. Pre-orders for the Self-Hosted edition are now open.
15 April, 2017
Imagine the power of Gmail right inside your CRM account. With the new Gmail Integration, you won't have to swtich between apps anymore. It's so cool!
03 March, 2017
The Wakeupsales v4.0 comes with some really useful updates that make this CRM a must have. It's even more secure now, along with being compatible to all the addons.
16 Feb, 2017
If you've been using Wakeupsales, you'll just love coming to our new Marketplace. With a bunch of exciting integrations available, you can really get the best out of your CRM tool.
13 Feb, 2017
The Biggest update to WakeUpSales ever, comes with Tasks Module, Multi-user Collaboration, Daily Updates, Files Database, Report Generation so much more. All of this with a beautiful new UI make this a must have.
25 Nov, 2016
WakeUpSales allows you to invite multiple users from your CRM as admin user or non admin user. You can manage Non admin users group from your settings page.
22 Oct, 2016
WakeUpSales allows you to generate invoice for your Leads from your CRM. The invoice generate process is completely FREE.
28 Sept, 2016
WakeUpSales allows you to import data from Zoho CRM, Sugar VRM, Fatfree CRM and you can import your own CSV file with similar format we have given.
15 Sept, 2016
Exporting data on CSV fromat is now possible with WakeUpSales CRM application. Take a backup of all your data whenever you want.
6 Sept, 2016
'Import your gmail contacts' is now possible with WakeUpSales.
22 Aug, 2016
Email tracker is now integrated with WakeUpSales CRM application. Track your email reads whenever you wish.
10 Aug, 2016
Wakeupsales CRM application has now released google calender sync. All your CRM events are automatically added to your google calender.
10 Aug, 2016
WakeUpSales CRM application is now available on windows. The installation process details are described in installation Guide.
19 Jul, 2016
We have implemented google contact API to collect the contacts from your gmail account and sync it with your CRM.
20 Jun, 2016
Released the WakeUpSales CRM community edition, just download and enjoy the app free forever.

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