What lies ahead, for your favorite CRM tool.

Plan & UpdateRelease DatesStatus
  • Mobile App for iOS
Jul 2019Planned
  • Multi-language Support (for Spanish)
Jun 2019Planned
  • MailChimp Integration (premium feature)
Mar 2019Planned
  • DocuSign Integration (premium feature)
Apr 2019Planned
  • Support Ticketing
Jan 2019Live
  • Lightweight Project Management
Jan 2019Live
  • Mobile App for Android
May 2018 Live
  • Lead Ageing Reports
Jan 2018 Live
  • Weekly Reports
Dec 2017Live
  • Email Tracking (premium feature)
May 2017Live
  • Lead Project Management (premium feature)
Apr 2017Live
  • Website Integration (premium feature)
Apr 2017Live
  • Gmail Integration (premium feature)
Apr 2017Live
  • Invoice Management (premium feature)
Mar 2017Live
  • Amazon SES Integration (premium feature)
Mar 2017Live
  • SendGrid Integration (premium feature)
Mar 2017Live
  • New UI (Wakeupsales Application Look & Feel)
Jan 2017Live
* The dates are tentative & might change if necessary.

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