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Wakeupsales Customization
Customizations & Services

Your WakeupSales CRM (Self-Hosted Version) can be customized according to your requirement. The only CRM Tool with loads of Customization & Services option

Business-flow Customizations
Wakeupsales contains the ability to allow enterprises to customize their work-flows in order to make Wakeupsales adapt to companies’ current work-flows
Module Customizations
With Wakeupsales you get the opportunity to create an unlimited number of custom-based fields, modules, workflows, layouts etc to meet your specific business needs
3rd Party Integrations
Integrate your Wakeupsales CRM with numerous third party API integrations like marketing automations, incentive management tools, ERP applications, business intelligence applications etc. Let your custom CRM talk to the outside world and do work for your team
Business Rebranding
You get the freedom to create a fully custom look and feel theme, for your Self-Hosted version of Wakeupsales changing the default colors and visual elements provided. For example, say you can easily create your own personal product branding thereby adding on your company logo etc
Reselling Associate
All our Wakeupsales reselling associates are completely dedicated towards working with each specific customer to make their CRM deployment a more successful one
Do you have an active audience to cater? If yes, then Wakeupsales helps you create customized and white labelled CRM application built on our flexible environment which you can take to market as a part of your technology offering

Get started with your own customized CRM tailor-made for you & your team

It’s obvious that sometimes a CRM solution might not fit to all businesses & it’s requirements. But, with Wakeupsales - it’s possible. Wakeupsales provides you with full flexibility to add industry specific modules and customizing it, in-order to change the look ‘n’ feel as well as the functionality that works best as per your business needs. All Business Domains | One CRM Solution - The Wakeupsales CRM
  • Complete end to end solution, the way you want it to be
  • We provide 24*7 ongoing support and maintenance
  • Connect us over skype, email, WhatsApp, Webex
  • All future enhancements and modifications can be done by us
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