Ad & Media Agency reduces sales-collaboration efforts by 23% with Wakeupsales

Ajay P

I was able to work with it from day 1 as it was pretty easy to get started with. Within a week I experienced a net increase of around 23% in my sales activities, which is good compared to my past 6 months story.

Ajay P.S.
Co-founder & CEO

The Objective:

I wanted a CRM that could help me manage my team & my sales pipeline while giving a superb feel to work on daily basis.

The Challenges:

Being an Ad & Media agency, my biggest challenge was to collaborate with our sales team, IT guys & my managers. And things were kind of chaotic. I tried my hands on SugarCRM & Insightly… the first one wasn't user friendly whereas the later was too confusing.

I started looking on Capterra & stumbled upon Wakeupsales.
Turned out to be the easiest CRMs available.

The Solution:

Wakeupsales has a beautiful UI, which makes it easy to work. It has got a great support & their young team seems to be constantly working on new features, which got me excited. Plus, the pricing is too competitive.

The plugin purchase & setup process was also easy. Choose, buy & the plugin comes to you via email. My team hardly took a few mins to set it up, because the package comes with an instruction manual too. That's the way it should work.

Now I am able to track my customers more efficiently & know
whom to contact & when. I know exactly whom my sales reps are talking
to on a day & I never miss any emails.

Ajay P.S.Co-founder & CEO

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