Gmail Integration Plugin Released!Gmail Integration Plugin Released!

Gmail Integration Plugin Released!

This has been a long time coming. And we are so excited to share it with you that our ‘Gmail Integration’ Plugin is now released & available for purchase.

Say goodbye to switching between your Email Inbox & CRM Tool, because the Gmail Integration plugin brings your email inbox right to the heart of your CRM dashboard. It’s practically Magic!

Just sign in with your Gmail id once, and start sending, receiving and perform all your email activities inside your Wakeupsales CRM dashboard. It also works the other way; if you send an email to one of your leads from your Gmail… it automatically shows up in Wakeupsales CRM.

The biggest plus point of having this is the convenience it offers. Managing/controlling your Gmail account from your CRM dashboard is so cool.

Features & Benefits


Do More with Less

Stare at specific leads or opportunities and check out all the emails associated with them at-a-glance, without switching between multiple tabs.


When Google’s world class infrastructure is combined with its unmatched support, it spells reliability. There’s simply no second opinion about it.


Google’s industry-leading security combined with our commitment towards the same has meant that this plugin is as safe as it gets. We know your info is valuable to you.

Setting up Gmail Integration with Wakeupsales is easy. Check out the Installation Guide, FAQs & Requirements… right here.

More so, there’s a whole bunch of exciting add-ons to choose from. Explore our Marketplace.

If you’re not on Wakeupsales yet, download the latest version right here.

Already a Wakeupsales user? Learn more about the “Gmail Integration” Plugin right here.


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0Gmail Integration Plugin Released!
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