The purpose of any website is to grab eyeballs. The entire digital media works in that very principle. Still, interestingly not many people keep the ‘Contact Us’ page on top of their priority list while building a website. Most of the attention goes to the homepage, or product/service page. This is where most of them get it WRONG!

We all wish… most of our visitors would go one step further & get in touch with us after visiting our website. But it doesn’t happen in most of the cases, because the link to ‘Contact Us’ page lies somewhere in the corner of the footer. I would say that it’s a BIG NO NO.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is by far one of the most important pages on any website. After all it’s the medium through which the prospects interact with you. It should be your sole aim to make this particular page… the most visited page on your website. Wouldn’t that be awesome! 🙂

So, what exactly should an ideal ‘Contact Us’ page have:-

  • Link to active Social Media pages: You just can’t miss it these days. Can you!
  • A form which is short & simple: Because no one likes to punch too much of info on a webpage.
  • Eye-catching Call-to-Action: Good enough to attract a visitor’s attention
  • Your Email & Phone Number: Ofcourse you need to have this. No second thoughts!
  • Thank You Page: Saying that you’ve received their response & will get back. Little bit of assurance always helps!  

After a lot of research, our content experts have curated 3 ‘Contact Us’ templates which we believe have the potential to yield the best results.

Let’s take a look:

Template – 1

The simplest form, which does the job effectively.

Contact Us

Template – 2

My personal favourite 🙂



Contact Us

Template – 3

Takes less of space yet gives out everything that’s necessary.


Contact Us

So here are the templates that have worked wonders for us over the course of time.

Download Now

Give them a look, integrate any of those into your website & it’ll surely make it easy for the visitors to get in touch with you.

Cheers 🙂

Ankeet P

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

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